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About us

Women's wardrobe is a truly sacred place for every fashionista. Its distinctive feature is that it always has a lot of different things in it, there’s nothing to wear anyway. Of course, we are joking a bit, however, this can often be heard from any girl. But you must admit that a substantial set of stylish T-shirts will be an integral part of almost any women's wardrobe. It would seem that this is the simplest thing, but well-chosen, it is universal in creating a stylish and original image.
As an online T-shirt store, we want to offer you noteworthy options for ordering. In particular, in this section you can choose and buy yourself a really stylish women's t-shirt with sequins. In our other sections, there are still female prints and combined drawings, but specifically here - only sparkles.

The benefits of t-shirts with sparkles
Immediately ask you not to confuse. Surely, every fashionista who loves to dress brightly and in an original way knows very well what sequins are. Yes, these are also sequins, which often serve as decoration for women's clothing and accessories. They have special holes through which they are sewn onto the fabric with the help of threads. So, glitter patterns on the women's t-shirts we offer are applied in a completely different way. As a result:
Firstly. No threads are used here, and the spangles are applied to the fabric by the so-called "hot fastening" method. Simply put, they are glued under a special press.
Secondly. Once they do not need to be sewn, respectively, there are no holes for the thread in them. As a result, the printed pattern looks completely different. The sparkles sparkle just perfect.
Thirdly. With a sequin thickness of 150 microns, it is almost not felt on a T-shirt. Wearing such a thing is convenient and pleasant. You will not need any special care for her, but she will be erased, like a regular T-shirt.
Fourth. You have additional options, both in color and in shade. For example, if you wish, you can give preference to a t-shirt with matte, glossy or holographic sequins.

Order a women's t-shirt with sequins in the online store
In order to offer fashionable women of Ukraine t-shirts with sequins of such high quality, we have mastered advanced technology and purchased special equipment from the leading American company ProSpangle. Without too much modesty, we can say that outside our online store you will have to try very hard to find and order similar options for women's t-shirts. On the other hand, a logical question arises - why bother looking elsewhere? Right now, look in our catalog and find an interesting option for yourself.